About Us



Before any ACEP custom part is available to the public, ACEP designs are protected by DESIGN PATENTS / PATENT PENDING. Please before any similar design is purchased make sure it was designed or manufactured by ACEP STYLING. ACEP (Automotive Custom Engineered Parts) was founded by Joshua Rackoff in 2007. Josh spent most of his life involved in the arts and Automotive Aerodynamic design. In 2002 he combined his love for the arts and vehicles by means of opening an automotive body shop that specialized with fabricating and airbrushing cars. After years of owning a successful auto body business and completing his masters in fine arts. His career was redirected by popular demand to continue creating his own unique style that hit local car enthusiast by storm. In conjunction with Nordan Composites (a nationally renowned compositing business for Formula 1, Nascar, World Sports Car and the aerospace industry) His vision was expanded to the international public through the web.



We take pride creating high quality exterior and interior custom parts for novice and hardcore car enthusiast alike. We strive to make unique parts sold nowhere else at a competitive price. Utilize the latest materials and techniques to create high quality parts. Customer satisfaction is a priority by means of customer support and product options of materials, color and design for a fully flexible experience. Aftermarket designs are suppose to enhance a vehicle look (enhance body lines) as well improve performance. Over sized, cheap, heavy, non-function ground effects and body kits are the things of the past. Lets create and innovate the aftermarket industry together.



ACEP WILL NEVER, send out a poor quality part, even if suggested by a customer to cut corners with resins or fibers.

● We guarantee all parts are made at home in the USA, no parts are or will ever be subjected to outsourcing.

We guarantee all parts are machined and handmade in the USA or your money back.

We guarantee all domestic orders will arrive to your front door in 1- 3 weeks from order date. Some parts are made to the order and go into production the day after an order. All parts are engineered by machine and hand according to vehicle specifications. We find hand made parts can give your piece the quality and attention it deserves.

We guarantee all Carbon Fiber parts are made with high quality epoxy resin and Carbon Fiber standard and/or twill weave. All parts are manufactured by one of the following industry leading techniques (autoclave, vacuum bagging, or wet lay-up). This makes a high strength, light weight and high gloss part you will be proud to own.

All Paint and carbon fiber is guaranteed from cracking or peeling for one year.

 Note: All ACEP fiberglass and carbon fiber Parts are handmade, (there is an actual person who fiberglass’s, cuts, sands and paints each and every part). These are high quality parts made by highly certified and experienced professionals. PLEASE NOTE THESE PARTS ARE NOT MADE IN PERSONS GARAGE AS YOU MAY SEE ONLINE. This is 25 years’ experience that is being expanded to the internet. ACEP Styling consists of 2 designers 7 shop fabricators and 2 internet service agents.