Genesis Coupe

For years before its release, the highly secretive Hyundai Genesis project was the subject of much auto magazine and forum chatter. Then in spring 2009, Hyundai finally released the Genesis Coupe for sale in North America as a 2010 model year. In a time where most performance platforms were $35k+ rally bred sedans, Hyundai has taken the import scene in another direction with an affordable rear wheel drive coupe in the tradition of the Mazda RX-8 and Miata Roadster. Whether it’s in lightweight stripped down base form or the fully loaded and brembo equipped track trim, you can be sure that ACEP is going to have your back with the best performance parts for this exciting new platform. Please browse our Genesis Coupe section for the latest in intakes, exhaust systems, boost controllers, gauges and wheels for your Genesis. Also, be sure to come back often, as we will constantly be updating this section with the latest and greatest Genesis Coupe performance parts as they soon as they are available.