The 252-hp Focus ST is a blast to drive and has the every-day versatility of a four-door hatchback. The Focus ST is a blend of refined raw performance that packs a decent punch. The mature big bother of the raw driving experience that the Mazdaspeed3 family delivers and more HP and space than it's younger sibling the Fiesta ST. The Focus ST's turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder provides plenty of gusto for this front-wheel drive setup, easily spinning the wheels during an enthusiastic launch. Control that wheelspin and you might see 60 mph in the same 6.3-second.  All in all, the Focus ST is a great performer for both the light bolt on daily driver enthusiast as well as all the tire burning horsepower freaks out there. With the Focus ST in mind, Acep Styling brings you their very own custom exterior parts that have increased in popularity and inspires new trends. Acep Styling also brings the big names in aftermarket performance like AEM, TurboXS, Eibach, Tein, HKS, Hawk, Borla, Whiteline and many more. With this kind of power on tap, it is very easy to ‘light em up’ with the ST.