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Before any ACEP custom part is available to the public, ACEP designs are protected by DESIGN PATENTS / PATENT PENDING. Please before any similar design is purchased make sure it was designed or manufactured by ACEP STYLING. ACEP (Automotive Custom Engineered Parts) was founded by Joshua Rackoff in 2007. Josh spent most of his life involved in the arts and Automotive Aerodynamic design. In 2002 he combined his love for the arts and vehicles by means of opening an automotive body shop that specialized with fabricating and airbrushing cars. After years of owning a successful auto body business and completing his masters in fine arts. His career was redirected by popular demand to continue creating his own unique style that hit local car enthusiast by storm.

In conjunction with Nordan Composites (a nationally renowned compositing business for Formula 1, Nascar, World Sports Car and the aerospace industry) His vision was expanded to the international public through the web.

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WOW, Looks amazing

The customer support Acepstyling provides is the best I have ever experienced. The extension quality is amazing and they paint too. They fully customize all their parts. I highly recommend ACEP for anyone looking to purchase a rare high quality custom part

- Robert

new Falcon wing extension!!

Hands down the best extension for the gen 1. Great fitment and easy installation!! Definitely recommend this extension!!

- Dylan Yager

Came a little deformed but overall worked

Look a lot of bending to get them on and the adhesive is lifting on one because the part literally was bent in the opposite direction it was supposed to curve in, not out in the very front. so yea, but the look is on point I guess if the damn thing would stick down.

- Ryan