1) Q: How do I know I purchased an official ACEP part?

      A: All ACEP parts come with our Logo stamped within the back of each and every part.
2) Q: How close will your paint match my cars color?
      A: We use leading computerized color matching, colors match 85% – 99.5% to your cars
           color. NO shop can give you a perfect match unless the colors are blended into your
           actual vehicles color.
3) Q: When I order my part how long can I expect it to be shipped?
      A: That all depends on what you order (paint, reshaping, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, hand
           painted logos and many more). Most of the time we have parts in stock but some
           parts do need to be made by order due to high demand. As a standard time give
           ACEP about 5 – 10 business days to ship you part.
4) Q: Is shipping included in the price?
      A: No; shipping is calculated after the purchase, it all depends on the package size,
           weight, and location to be shipped. We do not make any money off shipping the
           cost of shipping is the actual cost to the customer by USPS, UPS, FED EX (it all
           gets calculated by computer).
5) Q: How do I make a special order for paint or anything custom with my part?
      A: Simple; add a note with your purchase (any special request) and we bill you the
           remainder via PayPal, credit card, ebay, money order.
6) Q: How do I order the same color for my car?
      A: Choose the color code within the selection box (this code should match the code
           on the drives side door jam of your   vehicle) (for best color match add a note with
           your vehicles VIN #). If for any reason the codes do not match or you dont see
           one send us your VIN#, this may also mean in some cases you vehicle has been
           repainted and colors may not match. Worst case you may then have to get the
           paint scanned by a computer by a local automotive body suppling company. Add to
           your Ebay a purchase note, the color code/body code located on the inside of your
           door jam. Also we need your Vin# for cross referencing the color match. Then we
           send you the remaining amount via PayPal.
7) Q: Why is fiberglass better then ABS plastic parts?
      A: The paint adheres to fiberglass 100% better then ABS plastics, WHY? When ABS plastic
           heats up, natural oils rise and lift the paint off over time. ABS plastic also has a much
           greater flex expansion rate then fiberglass (paint cannot flex at the same rate) causing
           Pigeon cracks in the paint over time.
8) Q: Why are there other aftermarket parts sold at a cheaper price?
      A: Well that’s simple “you get what you pay for” Those cheaper parts you see on the internet
           are mass produced in foreign countries. The quality materials and production is
           substandard. You risk purchasing a part with horrible fit, cracking/peeling over time, and
           worst of all if the part does not fit correctly these companies lack the knowledge and
           facilities to fix the problem and replace your part. When our competitors receive parts
           from other countries they ship out the least defective parts, it’s the luck of the draw you
           may get a perfect part or a part that needs large amounts of work to look good or fit
           correctly. Here at ACEP every part is personally made by hand in our own facilities
           located in the USA “NEW YORK” (you are buying factory direct). All Paint and carbon
           fiber is guaranteed from cracking or peeling for one year with our "Orion" clear coat.
           Note: All ACEP fiberglass and carbon fiber Parts are handmade, (there is an
           actual person who fiberglass’s, cuts, sands and paints each and every part).
9) Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
      A: We accept Master Card, American Express, Visa, Discover, money order and Paypal.
10) Q:  When I order my a specialty item how long can I expect it to be shipped?

      A: That all depends on what item you order (size, material, top coat). Most of the time ACEP Styling takes about 10 – 20 business days to ship your part. All specialty items go through 4-7 stages of production. (Primed parts= 1.Casting 2.Cutting 3.Sanding 4.priming 5.drying) (Painted items= 1.Casting 2.Cutting 3.Sanding 4.priming 5.drying 6.Painting 7.drying 8.Polishing)