ACEP "RETRO-V2" Vented Cooling Bezel w/duct fits 18-21 Subaru WRX / STI

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  • 2018-2021 STI
  • 2018-2021 WRX


  • Left & Right "RETRO-V2" OEM fog bezel replacement
  • Attached cooling duct (Does not include cooling lines/hose)
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • ACEP Decal



The RETRO-V2 is a game changer. Our patented design enables you attach a 2.5 inch hose line to each bezel (left & right) that can be used to direct airflow to the braking system, engine bay or intake system. Our cooling duct features a tri-sectional interior to stop large debris from entering the air pathway that could cause airflow or braking malfunction. We have always been a fan of the old school rally style of the STI, and wanted to bring back that raw in your face style. So, we created RETRO-V2, a vented fog light bezel OEM replacement that is a functional solution for the track and/or weekend warriors. The Retro-V2 unique design flows perfectly with your Subaru's body-lines. Let other car owners know what Subaru means to you! *Why you need this part today* Our easy to install instructions and unique designs are sure to turn heads and make customizing quick and easy. NOTE: Minor sanding and trimming to the inside of the bumper (non-visual areas) for install is required. This product does not include any line and/or hoses (they can be purchase in any hardware store) hose outlet circumference, length and bends depend on installation purpose (intake, braking, engine airflow). We felt each customer would like to customize their cooling lines based on each unique performance goal.


• Our fiber weaved reinforced plastic construction grants stability and flexibility without sacrificing strength.

• Comes in a flat grey primer or Gel-Coat ready to be painted. (Gel-Coat is another type of poly primer).

*Primer is only an undercoating prep for paint.

• Rare custom part sold nowhere else which creates a custom aesthetically pleasing appearance.

• Made in the USA

SPECIAL REQUEST: Upgrade to ACEP's "OMNI FLEX" signature High gloss flex UV-protection clear coat adds durability and longevity. This clear last longer, provides better UV protection from color fading, has a flex additive to increase the paints flexibility to limit paint cracking over time or during application, this clear also provides a higher gloss finish over our “OREON” standard clear. (To Carbon Fiber or Painted lids only & three extra day delivery)

SPECIAL REQUEST: We can paint any certified Mazda color with ACEP’s “OREON” standard clear coat (Five day additional wait time for safe shipping)We paint all custom colors, standard colors, kandies, metallics, & pearls with a standard clear. (Cameleon colors not included).


NOTE: Before any ACEP part is available to the public, ACEP designs are protected by DESIGN PATENTS / PATENT PENDING. Please before you purchase any similar design confirm it was designed or manufactured by ACEP.

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